Pia Jones writes about how we find out what's the best approach to weight management and health for your DNA.

Research has revealed that your individual response to different diets is dependent on your genes- some individuals respond better with more fat or protein, whilst others may not.

Nutrigenomics testing is the scientific study of the interaction of nutrition and genes. It is a science that reveals how the pathways in your body are impacted by your individual genetic signature.

While fat free, paleo, gluten free, low sugar, low calorie diets may be suitable for some individuals, it can be trial and error. Many people experience some weight loss at first then a ‘bounce back’ afterwards, which is not only frustrating but can lead to low mood, low energy, and a general feeling of helplessness with weight management.

At River Tree Health, we want our clients to have a root-cause understanding of why their bodies react differently to various diets – and we want you too feel good about yourself!

The nutrigenomics testing is a specialist test available through our Integrative Medicine consultations. This non-invasive test can be performed during your first session using a simple cheek swab.

This sample is then sent to a specialised laboratory to be sequenced and analysed and returned to your practitioner as a personalised report on your individual genetic profile. The report provides direction for your treatment plan as it reveals which foods and nutritional supplements benefit you the most, as well as information on your fat metabolism, blood sugar regulating, fat burning and fitness genes.

Our Integrative Medicine consultations include a wider scope of analysis for your individual situation. Our practitioners consult each other on your specific concerns and may also recommend other lifestyle and psychological approaches to help you feel better about yourself. It’s a team approach based on scientifically valid treatments.

Sound good?

The first session is with Pia Jones, so feel free to book her “Integrative Medicine” online or simply call us and we’ll do the booking for you. Then arrive early for a moment of peace in our Whisper Room with complimentary tea, and from there we’ll get you started on your journey.

Written by Pia Jones, Health Psychology Registrar / Clinical Naturopath / Nutritionist

23rd November 2017