There will always be times when we need a quick check up with a doctor due to something that has just happened but otherwise we’re feeling well, in general as healthy as we can be. But when this is not the case, and there’s ongoing health issues, a more in-depth approach should be considered. This is where integrative medicine really helps.

Integrative Medicine is a contemporary approach to medical treatment that increasingly medical practitioners are looking to upskill in, to be able to offer their patients a better treatment with longer term results. And here’s why…

  1. Beyond the symptoms, treating the root cause

The business model for doctors has previously been focused around maximising the number of patients they see in a day. This has the unfortunate downside of focusing on symptoms, removing the time they need to investigate the underlying issue. Many patients therefore get frustrated with not being heard and having an expectation of being prescribed medication to treat the symptoms.

Integrative medicine practitioners have a different approach, one that allows them time to review a range of possible causes and investigate in a more in-depth way. The aim is to have a treatment that truly heals the client and sets them up for long term wellness. It may be a longer process to start, but the resulting state of health is intended to reduce the same or other symptoms for a much longer period. Integrative Medicine considers your health now and in the future.

  1. Looking at the whole person

Integrative medicine practitioners consider a range of factors that impact health. This includes the positive effect of lifestyle factors, the environment, nutrition, psychology and emotional wellbeing, and hormones. At River Tree Health, our integrative and lifestyle medicine practitioners all have multiple qualifications and for our Integrative Medicine clients, they case-conference and, if required, have others from the team meet with the client to ensure all components are considered for investigation and treatment. Integrating the medical approach in this way ensures the whole person is considered.

  1. Optimal health versus disease management

While disease requires management, particularly when the symptoms are causing distress, the Integrative Medicine approach strives to go beyond simply fixing, to gain a state of health that optimises life-long wellbeing.

As a population, we are all living longer than previous generations. With longer life comes complications with mental and physical health. Integrative medical practitioners want to have clients retaining their cognitive function, memories and physical health well into old age. To do this, they start with clients of every age to maximise health. By way of example, dementia scientists believe that disease starts decades earlier than when the symptoms show, if health can be optimised and maintained at an early age, clients reduce the risk or delay onset of this debilitating disease.

  1. An individual client-practitioner relationship

Integrative Medicine clients at River Tree Health immediately notice the difference in their relationship with their practitioner. The process is a collaboration, not simply the instructive approach of a traditional doctor. Clients input into what they feel would work for them after consideration of all the options. The client has their own lead practitioner to oversee the journey with them, and who will discuss with the team and introduce them to others as necessary. It is a mutually respectful relationship.

  1. Integrating lifestyle, nutritional, environmental and psychological ‘medicine’

There is more to physical and mental health than what is happening inside the body. Integrative medicine practitioners consider other lifestyle factors impacting health. As a result, the personal treatment plan often includes non-pharmaceutical approaches to attaining a great health outcome. Consideration is given to other evidence-based treatments that may include slight adjustments to daily life, a period of boosting particular nutrients, changes to eating habits, alternative approaches to stress management or a range of other treatments to provide a fully integrated, whole of person approach to healing and long-term wellbeing.


Those who have tried integrative medicine notice the differences both in the process and the outcomes. At River Tree Health, our Integrative Medicine approach goes a step further, with a team approach to add value to the client by having multiple perspectives considering their individual case. It is easy to delay the appointment, but health in our later years requires attention earlier in life.

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