A new and unique medical centre in West End, River Tree Health will be known as the place to go for more considered treatment.

A place where our clients see the collaboration between practitioners as we consider a multifaceted, integrated approach to gaining and maintaining wellness.

This is a medical practice for clients who want a better service and a contemporary approach to medicine.  Unlike an “old-school” medical clinic, River Tree Health provides a beautiful ambience where clients feel comfortable, relaxed and special, and confident in knowing their practitioner is taking time to properly analyse and refer to the team to consider evidence based physical, mental and emotional approaches to help clients recover from and prevent illness, and work towards enhancing optimal lifelong health.

We aim to help our clients be so healthy that they spend less time visiting doctors and less money on medications over the long term.  This process takes time, so we will truly partner with our clients over a period of time to help them achieve a significant improvement in their health.

We love what we do and want to share our knowledge for the good of our team, our clients, and our community. We are serious about our own development and actively engage in shared learning experiences, as well as sharing new research and knowledge with our internal and external communities.

River Tree Health is a contemporary practice aiming to use technology to the benefit of our clients, helping them access us easily, in person or remotely, for a better client experience.  We aim to stay contemporary and look forward to integrating new approaches for the benefit of our clients and our team.

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Our Values

Our purpose is the health of our clients, and we value helping them to heal, feel pampered and renewed

We value lifelong learning, remaining current in our knowledge and using contemporary evidence based approaches

We LOVE nutrition and its health benefits and we value health and wellbeing

We value our community and appreciate how wonderfully supportive and enriching a diverse and integrated community can be.

We value family as we understand the importance of family on health and wellbeing.

We value your long term financial wellbeing - we aim for our clients to not have years of continuous health care and medical bills

The Team

River Tree Health has established a team of integrative medical practitioners and allied health professionals who work together to provide the best care tailored to the needs of the client.

All our practitioners share an underlying interest in the recent research on gut-health. While our regular clients can schedule to pop-in for a quick script renewal or medical certificate, our practitioners and all at River Tree Health will encourage and educate our clients and our community in the benefits of taking the time for proper investigation and developing root-cause treatment plans, for longer term and sustainable health. 

With our ongoing motivation to stay contemporary, we will support all our practitioners to learn, share and develop our knowledge and expertise together as a team. We are a multidisciplinary community who share a love of understanding how our disciplines interact to effect an outcome which is greater than the sum of its parts.

John Reed

Business / Executive Coach

Take control of the cause of your stress, the work situation, through expert business/ executive coaching with John Reed. Extensive coaching experience following an impressive senior management career within multiple industries, John helps clients navigate the range of corporate and personal career challenges to increase performance and motivation.

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Dr Sarah Cunningham

General Practitioner (GP), Internationally Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician

Dr Sarah Cunningham is a GP with 25 years experience. Qualified in women's and child health, she is one of only a few Lifestyle Medicine doctors in Australia. Also experienced in recreational diving and cosmetic medicines.

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Dr Sam Yang

Occupational Medical Practitioner

Dr Sam Yang has extensive experience in occupational medical assessments. His expertise covers employment screenings, executive health checks, insurance and medicolegal assessments, and fitness for duty reviews.

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Julie Farrelly

Integrative Medicine Practitioner

Julie Farrelly is one of River Tree Health’s principal practitioners in gut-health assessment and regeneration. Medicare approved, Julie is licenced to prescribe the right combination of treatments, pharmaceutical and/or complementary, appropriate for each client.

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Pia Jones

Psychologist, Clinical Naturopath, Nutritionist

Pia Jones has a unique expertise and qualification combination. She is a Psychologist, a Clinical Naturopath, and a Nutritionist. This combination means that she integrates treatment of gut and mood, brain and body, fixing issues from a combination of approaches.

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Scott Rose

Enrolled Nurse

Professional, gentle, caring and highly competent nurse.

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Dr Michelle Vickers

Owner/Managing Director; Psychologist

Dr Michelle has a vision to provide a client-focused, evidence-based service that improves health, well-being and personal performance for the long term. Michelle has established a team to find and treat the root-cause of problems, properly healing. Michelle's vision is to cater for discerning clients who know the long term value of a good investment, including for their health, and who appreciate outstanding service and quality.

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