We are establishing a team of integrative medical practitioners.

What is River Tree Health and what is it aiming to be?
A new medical centre in West End, River Tree Health will be known as the place to go for more considered treatment. A place where our clients see the collaboration between practitioners as we consider a multifaceted, integrated approach to gaining and maintaining wellness. More than a medical clinic, River Tree Health provides a beautiful spa-like ambience where clients feel comfortable, pampered and special, and confident in knowing their practitioner is working with the team to consider physical, mental and emotional approaches to help recover from and prevent illness, and work towards enhancing optimal life-long health.

River Tree Health is establishing a team of integrative medical practitioners and allied health professionals working together to provide the best care tailored to the needs of the client. All our practitioners will share an underlying interest in the recent research on gut-health. While our doctors are likely to continue having the short-visit patients in need a quick script, they and all at River Tree Health will encourage and educate our clients and community of the benefits of more time for investigation and root-cause treatment plans, for longer term and sustainable health.

With our ongoing motivation to stay contemporary, we will support all our practitioners to learn, share and develop our knowledge and expertise together as a team. We are a multidisciplinary community who share a love of understanding how our disciplines interact to effect an outcome which is greater than the sum of its parts.

We love what we do and want to share our knowledge for the good of our team, our clients, and our community. We are serious about our own development and actively engage in shared learning experiences, as well as sharing new research and knowledge with our internal and external communities.

River Tree Health is a contemporary practice aiming to use technology to the benefit of our clients, helping them access us easily, in person or remotely. Our business model allows our practitioners to have brief follow up check-ins with established clients via suitable technology, and if you need it, we will train and help you get comfortable with using any and all new technologies for a more efficient practice and better client experience.

Our values and how we live them

Our purpose is the health of our clients, and we value helping them to heal, feel pampered and renewed:

  • We ensure our premises feel comfortable and offer the ‘little things’ to help our clients feel pampered and special when they are with us
  • We engage with our established clients through technology innovations and make their dealings with us easily accessible
  • We work with our colleagues where appropriate for the benefit of our clients

We value lifelong learning, remaining current in our knowledge and using contemporary evidence based approaches:

  • We keep learning for themselves and from each other. We regularly read contemporary research, engage with speakers for our practice, and consider other ways they can stay current in their knowledge
  • We allocate an annual budget (after the first year) for professional development
  • We actively participate in building our internal community of learning

We LOVE nutrition and its health benefits and we value health and wellbeing:

  • We educate our clients on research findings related to gut-health and its effect on physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. We educate through our discussions with them, through community events, and through materials and resources available within the waiting area
  • We role-model our nutritional message when on premises or representing River Tree Health; our team have complementary access to our food and drinks

We value our community:

  • We attend community events on behalf of River Tree Health
  • We pay for employees or practitioners for approved participation in selected community development work
  • We are considerate of each other’s wellbeing and therefore we offer a discount on all services for our team and their immediate (pre nominated) family

We value your long term financial wellbeing:

  • Along with the funding provided to each staff member each year for professional development, we pay 12% superannuation for employees
  • We are considerate of the financial health and ongoing viability of the practice, and are mindful of this business component with the allocation of their time, billing, and when proposing innovations for the ongoing development of the practice

We value family:

  • We offer family appointments (subject to the individual practitioner’s agreement)
  • We ensure families feel pampered and special in our practice, and help with calming and entertaining children if required
  • We pay our employees time off for their children’s’ school appointments (up to 1 hour per term)