Membership is an exclusive arrangement for clients serious about achieving noticeable outcomes from their integrative medicine journey.

These packages are available by invitation only, for any of River Tree Health’s Integrative Medicine services, where the personalised treatment plan involves a full program.   

Membership provides clients with a total of 4 hours for sessions to be scheduled according to their plan, over a period of 6 months.

The Membership Package is $1150.00 per person.

*Terms and conditions:

  • Membership is exclusively for existing clients who value partnership with River Tree Health and wish to achieve noticeable outcomes from their integrative medicine plan.
  • Client membership numbers are restricted, invitation only based on the personalised plan following the first session.
  • Membership includes a series of appointments as advised by the practitioner. The appointments may be set at the time of the first appointment.
  • Membership is for a maximum duration of 6 months but may be extended up to 12 months if agreed by the practitioner.
  • Membership appointments may be 30 or 60 minutes as per the personalised plan, totalling a maximum of 4 hours.  For 1 hour appointments, the time in session will be approximately 55 minutes allowing the practitioner 5 minutes to review case notes and test results, or to consult with others within the River Tree Team.
  • The full membership fee is payable in advance during the visit for the first appointment.  Refunds are not available as clients are encouraged to complete the full package.
  • Members are welcome to a complimentary beverage of their choice whilst waiting for their scheduled appointment at River Tree Health.


Rebates and insurance:

  • Medicare values only fast treatment of established symptoms, not programs for recovery and long-term health.  As such, River Tree Health regrets that Medicare rebates are not available for membership packages.  
  • River Tree Health looks forward to future arrangements with astute health insurance companies who support their members participating in our programs, recognising a year of investment will pay dividends in reduced doctor’s’ visits and medications over the longer term.  For now, clients will need to check directly with their insurers.

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