Dr Michelle has a vision to provide a client-focused, evidence-based service that improves health, well-being and personal performance for the long term. Michelle has established a team to find and treat the root-cause of problems, properly healing. Michelle's vision is to cater for discerning clients who know the long term value of a good investment, including for their health, and who appreciate outstanding service and quality.
Michelle Vickers

Michelle has first hand experience of the benefits of integrative medicine which has in-part led to her vision for River Tree Health.  

After returning from 7 years working and living in Vietnam with her family, Michelle and her three children were experiencing a range of annoying symptoms that couldn’t be adequately treated from a general 15 minute GP visit.  Michelle searched for an alternative and found a specialist integrative medical practitioner.

The results were remarkable.  Within a week of each having a gut-health treatment plan, all four were significantly improved.  All four were sleeping better and more energetic during the day.  The stomach pains disappeared, the two teenagers were noticeably less moody, had clearer skin and generally felt good.  

After a few months, the school report cards arrived, and all three had improvements across the board in their grades – their attention and behaviour in class had improved (and it wasn’t bad before, just average kids who experienced benefits).  One of the boys had previously experienced migraines every 2 months – a year later, he hadn’t had one.

And as for Michelle, she was used to long hours in corporate leadership roles, feeling the afternoon fatigue kick in and increasingly less reliant on her memory, all of which she had put down to age (is this early onset dementia??).  However, with a focused improvement of the health of her gut, she felt her memory strengthen, afternoon fatigue disappeared very quickly, and her creativity and cognitive ability improve.

Michelle was impressed with the results and, being a Psychologist herself, was reading the latest research on the link between gut-health and the health and performance of the brain.  But it was concerning that there were very few opportunities for people to access such medical care.

In addition, Michelle knew the value of collaborative practitioners, as many minds looking at a challenge will develop better solutions.  Michelle decided to establish River Tree Health as a place where a cross-disciplinary team can work together to provide better solutions, where integrative medicine can be offered for a range of problems, and where clients can feel relaxed and pampered when visiting.

Michelle is always keen to hear feedback from clients – success stories and suggestions for improvement.  Feel free to email her at director@rivertreehealth.com.au