Julie Farrelly is one of River Tree Health’s principal practitioners in gut-health assessment and regeneration. Medicare approved, Julie is licenced to prescribe the right combination of treatments, pharmaceutical and/or complementary, appropriate for each client.
Julie Farrelly

She is a qualified and established Nurse Practitioner, which is an alternative primary medical care provider to general practitioners.  (More information on Nurse Practitioners is available ).

Julie has over 30 years experience in clinical nursing. The last 10 years of these have been practicing as a nurse practitioner, after completing her Master of Nursing (NP) degree and obtaining AHPRA endorsement. Her nurse practitioner expertise has included emergency, rural and remote, primary care and general practice.

More recently Julie has added post-graduate qualifications in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, since her mother began declining with Alzheimer’s dementia a few years ago, as did her grandmother previously. Julie is committed reducing the likelihood of clients developing chronic illness through early identification of risk factors and providing education around nutritional and lifestyle behaviours, specifically related to gut health.

Applying the principles of integrative medicine enforces that ‘all disease begins in the gut’. Julie’s applied functional medicine skills enable her to provide assessment and management of clients in regards to: cardiovascular risk factors such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure; metabolic syndrome; weight management; irritable bowel syndrome (IBS); diabetes; asthma; acute and chronic infections; preconception care and much more. Julie collaborates with allied health specialists and doctors within the clinic, and where necessary medical specialists, in order to develop effective and individualised health care management plans for her clients.