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Medical specialists and allied health professionals available in our West End Medical Centre.

Psychologist, Naturopath, Nutritionist, Nurse Practitioner, Lifestyle Medicine Doctor, Occupational Medical Assessments, Cosmetic Medicine and Diving Medicine.

We encourage you to consider whether the Integrative Medicine programs are appropriate for you, as these provide insight from the whole team.

Alternatively, you may book an appointment directly with a single specialist.  See the booking page for information on fees.

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Our psychologist is unique. She takes account of your thoughts and emotions, and the impact of your physical health, gut-health and immune system on your psychological well-being

She is not only a psychologist but a Clinical Naturopath and Nutritionist, meaning that her assessments are more in-depth, consider the full complexity of the body’s systems, and treatment plans integrate psychotherapeutic techniques with integrative medicine.  Read her biography here.  Psychology services include:

  • Disordered eating and body image issues
  • Mood Disorders- including anxiety and depression
  • Burn out and over-reliance or addition to nicotine, alcohol, caffeine or sugar
  • Managing chronic pain management

Excellent discount offered on fees for card holders: Seniors, Students, Aged-Care, Disability and DVA. (Conditions apply, see fee table or call us for information (07) 3036 2744).

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Lifestyle Medicine

Dr Sarah Cunningham is an experienced medical doctor with advanced qualifications in Lifestyle Medicine.

Lifestyle medicine is a unique and holistic blend of traditional western medicine with other lifestyle factors scientifically validated to treat the root cause of chronic diseases, illnesses and ailments, and to reduce the risk of debilitating diseases in later life.

Dr Sarah has extensive experience in general practice medicine with further qualifications from the American College of Preventative Medicine.

Specialist Integrative Medicine Practitioner

An expert in Integrative Medicine treatment plans, our Nurse Practitioner has advanced clinical education and operates autonomously for complex care needs and chronic disease management.

Our Nurse Practitioner is an expert in gut-health assessments and individual treatment plans – she is one of only a handful of Nurse Practitioners in Australia with this specialisation.  She is able to able to arrange and interpret diagnostic tests and as required, formulate an integrated treatment plan including prescribed medications, supplements, and/or other treatments.  

For clients unfamiliar with the profession of Nurse Practitioner, more information can be found here.

To make an appointment with River Tree Health’s Nurse Practitioner, book the “Gut Health Assessment & Remedy” integrative medicine session or call us on (07) 3036 2744 .

Clinical Naturopath and Nutritionist

As our Naturopath and Nutritionist is also a psychologist, our clinical specialist services for digestive disorders and hormone imbalances take account of the emotional and cognitive factors associated with your experience.

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Business / Executive Coaching

Experienced senior corporate coach supports clients to gain confidence and navigate workplace situations.

Often the situation in high pressure roles impacts our health and wellbeing. River Tree Health practitioners can heal the physical symptoms of stress, help build psychological resilience, and clients that see our highly experienced corporate coach, John Reed, also then develop strategies to address the root-cause of the stress within the workplace. Coaching for business is a well recognised point of advantage used by many top performing executives and CEO’s around the world. It is a great part of the executive package we offer clients at River Tree Health. 

Read John’s profile here, and email or phone 3036 2744 for more information or to book a session.

Employment Related Medicals

For individuals and employers

If you have been injured at work, Dr Sam Yang is an expert in managing work-related injuries and can ensure that your employer receives the right WorkCover paperwork and medical advice including appropriate duties to assist with your recovery. He can also help if you require occupational or other medical assessments such as pre-employment work medicals, driving medicals, Visa medicals and reports for Centrelink or Insurance purposes.

For information on pricing  for these services, or to make a booking, call (07) 3036 2744 or email


Dietetics services provided by the nutritionist

Pia Jones is a nutritionist with extensive experience in supporting and treating diet-related concerns, such as for allergies and diabetes.

For weight control issues, the River Tree Health team to provide an Integrative Medicine approach to breakthrough weight barriers.  See here for more information on our weight control program.

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Massage available on request when pre-booked

Call us on (07) 3036 2744 to request a 30 or 60 minute health massage as part of your visit to River Tree Health. Cost from $55 for 1/2 hour, see pricing page for more information.

Cosmetic Medicine

Book an appointment with Dr Sarah Cunningham to discuss your cosmetic medicine requirements.

Recreational Diving Medicine

Book an appointment with Dr Sarah Cunningham, a highly experienced diving medicine doctor.